FELT POLISHING BOBS: If you still need addtional information, email Durofelt@att.net and we will be happy to help you. Or call us Monday thru Friday @ 501-225-2838 between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Central time where a human being answers the phones.

Felt Polishing Bobs AKA Felt Tips work just like Felt Buffing Wheels except they come in various shapes and sizes like Cylinder, Cone, Bullet, Mushroom, Tree, Pear and Ball.

Difference between Cone and Bullet is minor: Cone has a round tip like the orange cones used by highway departments. Bullet has a pointed tip like the bullet used in firearms.

Mushroom is just like the wild mushrooms you find in your back yard.

Tree AKA Christmas Tree AKA Flat Top Cone.

Pear is just like the fruit pear.

All Felt Polishing Bobs start off as Cylinder shape. Then they go thru a grinder that shapes the bobs into various shapes.

Felt Polishing Bobs come with 1/8" and 1/4" shanks attached from the factory. Shanks are attached during production so they are very secure. If you purchase a Felt Polishing Bob with a loose shank, return it to the store immediately. If a Felt Polishing Bob has a loose shank after long use, discard it properly. NEVER EVER use a Felt Polishing Bob with a loose shank as it can separate from the felt, fly off like a missile and cause serious injuries.

Felt Polishing Bobs can be used in tight spaces or on small wood, craft projects, watch repairs or jewelry giving the user the flexibility to work at their own pace.

With a little care, your Felt Bobs can last a long time. At the end of your buffing and polishing, allow the Felt Bob to continue to spin thru for several minutes so any remaining polishing compound residue can spit out. Then let the Felt Bob air dry before storing it to prevent molds. If you are going to pack Felt Bobs in a plastic bag, poke some holes in the bag for air circulation. If the bag is airtight, it will start sweating and condensation will wet the Felt Bob. Then mold will set in and the Felt Bob will become useless.

If you are using more than 1 type of compound, use different Felt Bobs for safety reasons. Mixing compounds is not a good idea. Always make sure you label which compound is used with which Felt Bob.

Felt Polishing Bobs can be attached to name brand name power tools like Black and Decker, Dremel, DeWalt, Makita or Ryobi. Large Felt Bobs with 1/4" shanks can be attached to any bench grinder.

Felt Polishing Bobs are available in Soft - 0.50 gm/c3, Medium - 0.60 gm/c3 and Hard - 0.70 gm/c3 densities. These densities are accepted worldwide.

Density = Mass divided by Volume. Density is calculated as grams per sq. cm.

Recommended RPM: Max. 20,000 for 1/8" and 1/4" shanks.

Always practice safety when using power tools. Wear eye protection, masks and gloves. Work in a well ventilated area. Keep children away from power tools.

shipping via U.S. Post Office on retail orders for U.S. customers ONLY.

Returns/Credits within 30 days: Item must be unused and in original packaging. Call 501-225-2838 between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Central time for RA. If you get our voice mail, leave a message and we will call back. Item returned without RA will be refused. Customers will also be responsibile for return shipping. OR request RA by email

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, Checks and MO from U.S. Banks/Post Office.

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