CHARGING FELT WHEELS WITH COMPOUND: If you still need addtional information, email and we will be happy to help you. Or call us Monday thru Friday @ 501-225-2838 between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Central time where a human being answers the phones.

The first few times you charge a new Felt Wheel are going to be difficult as the honing compound does not adhere well to clean felt.

Here are a few tips to make charging easier:

  • While the Felt Wheel is stationary, hold the compound firmly against it.

  • Start up the wheel but before it gains enough speed to throw off the freshly applied compound, shut the grinder off allowing the felt wheel to slow down.

  • Repeat this procedure until the felt wheel is charged.

    Another method involves an initial application of mineral oil to the felt wheel while it is spinning:

  • Apply the oil lightly with a cloth. It is a good idea to stand aside when turning on the grinder as some excess oil or compound might fly off.

  • After the oil is applied, hold the compound against the spinning felt wheel until the wheel is charged. It is not necessary to stop and start the grinder with this method.

    Your choice of charging method will be determined by the relative dryness of the compound you intend to use. After the first few times you have charged the felt wheel, it will develop a smooth surface of old compound. Resist the temptation to remove it as the build-up will make it easier to charge the wheel.

    Always practice safety when using power tools. Wear eye protection, masks and gloves. Work in a well ventilated area. Keep children away from power tools.

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