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PRODUCTS: Check out the wide range of felt products we carry. If you still cannot find an item, email Durofelt@att.net and we will be happy to help you. Or call us Monday thru Friday @ 501-225-2838 between 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Central time where a human being answers the phones.

Due to harrassing calls from telemarketers with Unknown Name, Private Callers, Skype callers, etc., etc., we are forced to screen our calls and we apologize for your inconvenience. We have repeatedly asked these nitwits, dimwits, stupid, morons, nincompoops to remove our phone # with no success. We have spewed profanity, used an air horn, pressed "0" so they only hear a loud noise but nothing seems to faze these worthless pieces of garbage. Complaining to the phone company has also been a waste of time because they are only interested in allowing these worthless groups and companies to open new accts which is bad enough but now the phone companies are selling blocks of phone Nos to these scammers for pennies.

We check our voices mails regularly so feel free to leave a message. Your call will be returned promptly. OR email your phone No. and best time to call.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

shipping via U.S. Post Office on retail orders for U.S. customers ONLY.

  • Self Adhesive Felt Pads
  • Close Out Self Adhesive Felt Pads
  • Self Adhesive Felt Strips
  • Self Adhesive Felt Strips - Made in the U.S.A.
  • Close Out Self Adhesive Felt Strips
  • Self Adhesive Felt Rolls
  • Self Adhesive Rubber Bumpers
  • Self Adhesive Felt Washers
  • Close Out Self Adhesive Felt Washers
  • Felt Wheels - Packs
  • Felt Wheels
  • Bushings
  • Close Out Felt Wheels
  • Felt Wheels - Carbon
  • Felt Wheels - Black Loop Backing
  • Felt Polishing Bob Kits
  • Cylinder Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Close Out Cylinder Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Cone Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Mushroom Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Bullet Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Tall Bullet Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Tree Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Pear Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Ball Felt Polishing Bobs
  • Knife Edge Felt Wheels
  • Close Out Knife Edge Felt Wheels
  • Felt Wheel for Carving Tools
  • Self-Adhesive Lapidary Felt Pads
  • 1/16" Off-White Medium Felt Material
  • 1/16" Off-White Hard Felt Material
  • Close out 1/16" Off-White Hard Felt Material
  • Close out 1/16" Grey Hard Felt Material
  • 1/16" Black Medium Felt Material
  • 1/8" Off-White Medium Felt Material
  • 1/8" Off-White Hard Felt Material for WADS
  • Close Out Felt Wads
  • 1/4" Off-White Soft Felt Material
  • 1/4" Off-White Medium Felt Material
  • 1/4" Off-White Hard Felt Material
  • 1/4" Grey Soft Felt Material
  • 1/4" Grey Medium Felt Material
  • 1/4" Grey Hard Felt Material
  • 3/8" Off-White Soft Felt Material
  • 3/8" Off-White Medium Material
  • 3/8" Off-White Hard Material
  • 1/2" Off-White Soft Felt Material
  • 1/2" Off-White Medium Felt Material
  • 1/2" Off-White Hard Felt Material
  • 1" Off-White Hard Felt Material
  • Lanolin
  • Sheep Tallow AKA Mutton Tallow
  • Close Out Felt Materials
  • High Density Felt Materials
  • High Density Carbon Rock Hard Felt Material
  • High Density Hard Felt Blocks
  • High Density Hard Close out Felt Blocks
  • Colored Felt Material
  • Piano and Organ Felt Strips
  • Felt Wicks and Felt Cords
  • Close out Felt Wicks and Felt Cords
  • Felt Tubes AKA Felt Drum Sanders
  • Gaskets and Washers
  • Timpani Felt Material
  • Timpani Core - Design by D. Patton
  • Felt Drum Beater Balls
  • Felt Drum Beater Balls - Design by E. Markowski
  • Felt Drum Beater Balls - Design by J. Haaheim

    shipping via U.S. Post Office on retail orders for U.S. customers ONLY.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed. OR your money back including shipping and handling if item returned unused and in original packaging. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Checks/MO from U.S. banks and PayPal.

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    #6 White Aspen Court * Little Rock, AR 72212
    Telephone: 501-225-2838 * Fax: 501-219-9611

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